An award winning online comedy about Art, Thievery, and sassy Grannies.

An idealistic artist, Bellamy discovers her diabolical grandmother is stealing her work to sell online. Against such a cunning foe, Bellamy will have to stop at nothing to protect her artistic integrity. Meanwhile her pretentious boyfriend fights for her affection against a much hotter gentleman who always has his shirt off.




Gold at DC Webfest


Best Director at Hollyweb


Best Director at Seattle Webfest


Directors Statement

This series was inspired by the crazy people I am friends within the creative arts scene. The show follows Bellamy, an artist out for revenge, but what she is really coming to terms with is who she is and how that is influenced by the people around her. She is pulled in various directions by the characters that contradict her initial impressions; the frail have great strength, the stupid are dastardly cunning, and the most genuine person is a hipster.


The absurdist playwrights Harold Pintor and Samuel Beckett are a big influence on me. I love how comedy of the strange allows you to explore real-world issues in a way that would be too on the nose if they were done in earnest. This series has fun subverting traditional gender roles. As a female protagonist, Bellamy is allowed to be flawed, her identity is more than just her relationships and her strength is celebrated. It’s no coincidence that the emotional character is the boyfriend, the man is excessively sexualised and punished for it, and an older woman is a power player at the head of the family. It was a delight to twist these conventions, of which the mere existence of which I find absurd, and thus worthy material for comedy.


Scott Walmsley - Writer / Director